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imported cold chain food has the risk of transmission and is an important part of epidemic prevention and control. as a prefecture-level city with the highest total amount of imported cold chain food in sichuan, how can our city do a good job in supervision? on november 26, the reporter visited the centralized supervision warehouse of gaojin food co., ltd. in suining economic and technological development zone.


enterprises: taking multiple measures to ensure personnel and food safety

at 10:00 in the morning, a cold chain transport vehicle slowly drove towards the cold chain food storage area of gaojin company. the staff wearing protective clothing immediately stepped forward to kill the outside of the vehicle, and another staff member checked the relevant documents of the goods. after everything is done, the transporter drives into the loading and unloading area. "the staff will check the incoming bills to check whether the bills are consistent with the real objects. if there is no problem, let the transport vehicle arrive at the unloading platform." xiong qiang, chief of the food safety management department of suining gaojin food co., ltd., introduced to reporters, "we disinfection is done while unloading, and after the disinfection is completed, relevant sampling tests are carried out on the outer packaging, inner packaging and the product itself. all staff in the special class have completed the third dose of the new crown vaccine, and carried out normalized nucleic acid testing twice a week to ensure the safety of personnel and food.

the staff of gaojin food co., ltd. disinfects the outside of the transport vehicle

department: move the border forward to ensure the safety of imported cold chain food

according to feng wenyun, director of the fuyuan road market supervision office of the market supervision branch of suining economic and technological development zone, suining economic and technological development zone has two centralized cold chain food supervision warehouses, gaojin company and nanda company. the two supervision warehouses have imported more than 120 tons this month. cold chain food. in order to further prevent the risk of epidemic spread of imported cold chain food, relevant departments insisted on moving the border forward, ensuring the safety of imported cold chain food, and ensuring the stable and orderly supervision of imported cold chain food. "enterprises need to make an appointment in advance to import cold chain food, and provide customs declarations, nucleic acid test certificates, inspection and quarantine certificates, and disinfection certificates. after the enterprise returns the goods, notify us, and we will notify the third-party company to conduct nucleic acid testing and sampling on the received goods. the inspection is qualified. only later will the warehouse be allowed to go out." feng wenyun said.

the eporter learned that there are currently many large-scale meat production enterprises in our city, such as gaojin, nanda, meining, etc., which import a lot of goods, so the import volume of cold chain food is relatively large, but it is mainly used in production. at present, there are eight centralized supervision warehouses for imported cold chain food in the city, of which six belong to government warehouses and two belong to enterprise warehouses. in order to further improve the management and control work, the municipal market supervision bureau starts from three aspects: source control, cold chain supervision, and emergency response to ensure that the cold chain does not lose the "chain". "the first is to carry out special inspections of cold chain food according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control. eight inspection teams have been established to implement full-coverage inspection and supervision of all important links such as centralized supervision warehouses, large production enterprises, and farmers' markets. in addition, two emergency disposal supervision groups for imported cold chain food have been specially set up to ensure correct and efficient disposal in the event of an emergency." said huang bo, a staff member of the food circulation section of the municipal market supervision bureau.