this meat industry week 2021 gaojin hot pot carnival will satisfy all your yearning for hot pot-凯发k8国际首页登录

on september 15, the 2021 china international meat industry week was officially launched in qingdao, shandong. on the same day, gaojin 2021 hot pot carnival kicked off the red curtain. in the depths of the n4 exhibition hall, xiaolongkan, shu daxia, xiaojiji, lao xian and guoquan shihui, which represent hot pot food culture, gathered together. taste.

this hotpot carnival is hosted by sichuan gaojin industrial group co., ltd., china meat association, sichuan hotpot association, qingdao catering industry association as official organizations, based on the authority, professionalism and high-level of china international meat industry week. specifications, high-level industry aggregation, to build a platform for the participants covering the whole hot pot industry.

chinese cuisine is extensive and profound, and hot pot brings together the vitality of chinese catering, which is deeply loved by consumers around the world and represents a trillion-dollar output value. at the scene, gao guan, vice president of china meat association, li dongshen, president of qingdao catering industry association, and feng yongdi, secretary-general of sichuan hotpot association, delivered speeches in person, and sincerely invited all sectors of society to carry forward chinese food culture and make hotpot culture rich in chinese characteristics. out quality.

last year, there were 419,000 hotpot-related enterprises in my country. relevant research predicts that the overall market size of chinese hot pot restaurants in 2021 is expected to be 521.8 billion yuan. under the new normal situation of the epidemic, with the implementation of various policies such as the strategy of expanding domestic demand and promoting the consumption of key commodities, domestic catering has continued to rebound, and the hot pot industry is also facing pressure and new opportunities.

in this regard, ren yan, vice president of gaojin group, said that hot pot companies must overcome many challenges in groups such as precise user positioning, scene experience creation, brand marketing promotion, supply chain security, efficiency and stability, and the benign construction of corporate culture and talent strategy. only then can we break through the siege and become steel.

the hotpot industry represents china's catering industry, and its development cannot be separated from the efforts of all walks of life. it has been 25 years since gaojin foods was founded. headquartered in sichuan, it has more than 30 subsidiaries, more than 1,000 fresh sales chain stores, and more than 20,000 terminal online stores. , logistics distribution, import and export trade in one, the whole industry chain operation, focusing on becoming an urban high-quality food service provider that provides customers or consumers with overall solutions.

how will gaojin foods further empower the hot pot industry? ren yan said: "gaojin foods will continue to adhere to the mission of 'providing customers with better products and services, making life better', and by continuing to consolidate more powerful integrated service capabilities of research, production, sales and distribution, in product joint innovation in research and development, sharing of supply chain resources, and synchronization of regional development strongly support the ambition of the catering industry."

at this carnival, professor wang wei, dean of sichuan meat industry technology research institute of chengdu university, director of sichuan provincial key laboratory of meat processing, and professor wang wei brought "technological progress and new product development in meat industry" to provide innovative ideas for industrial development. . professor li hongjun, executive deputy dean of the graduate school of southwest university, "classed" on the spot, telling everyone how modern food technology can help the hot pot industry. kuang hongyi, director of supply chain of gaojin group, made a "micro-definition" of the supply chain and shared the top-level design ideas of the catering supply chain.

it is reported that this hot pot carnival is divided into 4 special sessions from september 15th to 16th, covering pork, mutton, beef, and prefabricated ingredients for tasting and promotion sessions. visitors to the conference will not only have the opportunity to taste xiaolongkan, shu daxia, lao xian, xiao siji and chengming food (guoquan shihui) from bashu, but also have the opportunity to participate in on-site interaction and selection, and get exquisite gifts.

during this china international meat industry week, in addition to the hot pot carnival, the gaojin foods exhibition hall also sincerely invites people from all walks of life to come and join hands with more outstanding people or enterprises to carry out various forms of cooperation to create value for customers. seek the development and future of china's catering industry.