a few days ago (january 20), the economic depth column "economy half hour" of cctv-2 financial channel entered the front line of supermarket retail shelves. as the spring festival of the year of the tiger was approaching, it reported on the spot that pre-made dishes were booming.

a few days ago (january 20), cctv-2 economic in-depth column "economy half hour" entered the front line of supermarket retail shelves. as the spring festival of the year of the tiger is approaching, it reported the booming trend of pre-made dishes on the spot.

according to reports, pre-made dishes with low sales a few years ago have become more and more popular in recent years. products that were originally only widely used in the catering industry are now being purchased by more people, especially with the upcoming for the spring festival of the year of the tiger, the products are more popular than ever.

zhang xiaozheng, general manager of guangzhou rt-mart huadu store, picked up the sprouts and buckled meat from the "bashu commune" and told reporters that as more and more people buy pre-made vegetables, the supermarket specially created an independent counter for its display. talking about this year's spring festival, he is confident in this category.

novice xiaobai rivals professional chefs

bashu commune goes south to guangzhou and shenzhen to cover the strongest outlet

according to tmall data, during the double 11 period in 2021, the turnover of pre-made dishes will increase by about 2 times year-on-year. pre-cooked dishes are rapidly taking over people's tables in new ways of cooking.

originally ordinary agricultural, livestock, poultry and aquatic products are pre-processed into dishes by using them as raw materials and standardized proportioning accessories. when it is in the hands of the user, it can be enjoyed simply by heating or cooking. even a novice xiaobai can make a good dish that is comparable to a professional chef.

with the influence of factors such as the lazy economy, staying at home during the epidemic, and not crowding together for the new year, there is a view that pre-made dishes occupy "the right time and place for people" and will stir up delicious changes related to the dining table. more and more dishes that originally required complex preparation techniques first entered restaurants, and then entered the dining table of thousands of households.

the number of pre-made vegetables merchants on the juhuasuan platform increased by 34% year-on-year. among them, sichuan-flavored pre-made dishes are famous for their fragrant and spicy flavors, especially in the second half of the year, giving a prosperous atmosphere to the spring festival.

this time, cctv finance focused on reporting that the popular "bashu commune" bowl series in guangzhou is an authentic sichuan-flavored pre-made dish from sichuan.

sichuan-flavored pre-made dishes represent "bashu commune"

cctv finance and economics "rolls the name" and eats it and says "really fragrant"

gaojin foods from sichuan, and its "bashu commune" sichuan-style specialties, make pre-made dishes the most authentic local flavor. its red taste is spicy, white taste is fresh and fragrant, and the taste is fragrant and halogen. relying on the excellent technical research and development capabilities and comprehensive supply chain system accumulated by gaojin foods for many years, it makes pre-made dishes safe, delicious, convenient and fast.

founded in 1996, gaojin foods has now become a company integrating high-quality pig breeding, slaughtering, deep processing of meat products, fresh sales chain, logistics and distribution, and import and export trade. it operates the entire industry chain and focuses on providing customers or consumers with overall the solution's urban high-quality food service provider.

from the second half of each year to the spring festival, the dishes served in the bowls of the bashu commune are all popular, such as pork with sprouts, pork with sand, steamed pork with noodles, rice with eight treasures, pork ribs with glutinous rice, and pork. the products are not only popular in sichuan, but also very popular outside the province, and the supply is often in short supply near the spring festival.

there are also many consumers who expressed their personal experience that the "bashu commune" bowl series products are very convenient: just put the bowl in boiling water and heat it for 25 minutes, or tear off the film and put it in the microwave for 5 minutes, and you can "buckle" it out. a plate of dishes with both color, flavor and beauty, using it for new year's eve dinner is the best choice for delicious, convenient, hassle-free and worry-free.

cctv finance: in the ascendant, seek progress while maintaining stability

pre-cooked dishes are a combo punch of farming upgrades

at the end of last year, the central economic work conference made an in-depth analysis of the current economic situation, comprehensively deployed the economic work in 2022, and emphasized that "steadiness is the top priority, making progress while maintaining stability, and stabilizing the macroeconomic market is an important foundation for high-quality development."

pre-made dishes have not only changed the table, but also brought new opportunities to traditional agriculture and catering industries. for the basic agricultural industry, many regions regard prefabricated vegetables as an important starting point for agricultural upgrading.

one by one, fresh and extensive agricultural raw materials, through guaranteed mass production, become boxes of pre-made dishes with higher acceptance and usage scenarios. compared with the previous extensive development, pre-made dishes are constantly focusing on the user experience, and presenting the original ecological agricultural products in a more refined form in front of consumers.

in particular, according to recent feedback from the capital market, as a time period when the concept of consumption is hot before and after the spring festival, pre-made dishes have a wealth of usage scenarios and have gained a lot of attention. since the new year, the concept of pre-made dishes has set off a wave in the a-share market.

cctv financial review: prefabricated dishes are in the ascendant, making progress while maintaining stability. prefabricated dishes are a combination of upgrading and iteration in the catering industry and traditional agriculture. the "prefabrication" of agricultural products has also become a trend.

right now, it is the peak season for purchasing goods for the new year, and the majority of merchants have made all-out arrangements. many consumers are concerned about the nutritional problems of prefabricated dishes. in this regard, the r&d staff of bashu commune said that the nutritional value of regular prefabricated dishes will not be lost. the physical and chemical indicators such as protein and fat are clearly reflected, and the physical and chemical indicators must meet the national standards before production. .

for sichuan cuisine, which is very popular in itself, the pre-made sichuan cuisine that has entered thousands of households may become a star growth point. this spring festival, whether you are a business or a consumer, you might as well experience the "bashu commune" in person, adding authentic sichuan flavors to the spring festival boom.